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The APP is up and running!!

Very exciting times as the new member APP is up and running!! A few hiccups as i learn the ropes, but so far, so good! 

Members are able to view and accept available sessions on the app, as well as get confirmation notification. Remember to keep your availabilities up to date so appropriate sessions can be offered to you! If you are not a member, register through the tab on this website, and follow the registration process. Once activated, you will receive login details and instructions to download the members APP. TOPS will be phasing out regular texts in 2019, so all locum sessions will be offered through the APP, so register now!!

Clients will also be able to download the client portal and request orthoptists directly through the APP. Please let me know if you wish to do this, otherwise requesting orthoptists is as easy as usual.....text 0412 339 104 or email

Merry Christmas all, and looking forward to a very happy 2019!

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