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Changes to T.O.P.S in 2022


Good news for orthoptists in 2022!!!


There will be some changes to TOPS in 2022. From January 1 2022, the requesting facility will incur a booking fee for every locum session filled. Unfilled sessions will not incur this fee.


The booking fee is $25.00 per session, ie $25.00 for 1/2 day and $50.00 for a whole day. This is similar to the commission that the orthoptists were previously charged. 


As we are introducing the new booking fee, the sessional rate for locum orthoptists will remain unchanged for the time being. The locum orthoptist will invoice you directly as usual, unless a previous arrangement has been made with TOPS. TOPS will invoice you the booking fee for each session requested and filled, each month. Unfilled sessions will not be charged. Please note all subsequent sessions requested of an orthoptist previously booked through TOPS will incur the  booking fee. 

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